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Sundays 10 am (9:30am Light Breakfast and Coffee)
Church Altar
Bible Study


Celebrate Grace Church


To help equip believers in Jesus Christ to be His eyes, mouth, hands and feet on this earth in their own communities.


To aid followers of Jesus Christ to develop their own personal ministries.


1. To worship God, who is worthy of all praise and glory.
2. To serve God locally, nationally, and internationally by fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as set forth in Matthew 28:19-20.
3. To minister to the needs of the members and others as the church is able to do so.
4. To do any and all things related to and in connection with the carrying out of the purposes of a New Testament Church.

Each host site of the mobile food pantry is asked to pay towards the pantry

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Food for
Thought Food Pantry

We support the treatment needs of youth in our state who have been trafficked and are attempting to reacclimatize to a safe place.

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Youth- Southern Ohio

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We support a ministry that establishes a new water well, on average, every 3 days in areas of Uganda. When you give even a cup of water to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it to Me~Jesus.

Water Wells

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Unplanned pregnancies can lead to abortion. Our donations help women to receive ultrasounds to see the miracle growing in their wombs, hopefully leading to choosing life for their babies.

Unplanned Pregnancy

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Women of Zion ministry feeds people, currently without homes, from the streets of downtown Toledo. We provide donations towards the meals and sometimes provide the meals.

 Displaced in

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